Terms of Use Agreement for anonymous-proxy.eu

The offered service and the webiste itself is subjected to europawide transnational law.

All activities may be presecuted in cooperetion with international law enforcement.

By using the services offered by Anonymous Proxy de you confirm that you has acknowledged and accepted the terms of service.

This service is provided "as is", no right or appeal is applicable to claim the use of services offered by "www.anonymous-proxy.eu".

The usage of services offered by Anonymous Proxy service is forbidden for following purposes:

• activities which can result in physical or logical damage of somebody else or their property.

• To conduct acts of terrorism

• To transmit contents (such as raw files, text, video or audio) that is abusive, unlawful, threatening, obscene or which poses a risk to either somebody else or their equipment.

• To send unsolicited commercial emails or carry out spamming, on a discussion forum for example.

• Copyright violation

• Fraudulent or dishonest acts


The anonymous-proxy.eu may contain errors and experience times when the site becomes not available. Although the anonymous-proxy.eu service is fully monitored and maintained around the clock.

anonymous-proxy.eu does not hold any responsibility or any defects, errors, or any damages which arise of use the anonymous-proxy.eu. Use this service at your own risk.

anonymous-proxy.eu accepts no responsibility for anything which occurs as a result of using the anonymous-proxy.eu service.

You are advised not to use the anonymous-proxy.eu server if you disagree with the terms outlined above. By using this web site and the server behind this site, you agree to the above terms.

Links which are displayed on the anonymous-proxy.eu website is provided by a third party and anonymous-proxy.eu is not responsible for any of the links which are displayed or any of the content which is found on the websites which are being linked to from anonymous-proxy.eu.

The Owner of anonymous-proxy.eu reserves the right to terminate the use of the proxy server at anytime. anonymous-proxy.eu has the right to ban any IP from the server at any time without given notice.

anonymous-proxy.eu reserves the right to change these terms of service at anytime without prior notice.


This policy was last modified on 11.11.2008