How to use a proxy server

The following information will help you to start using a proxy server for your online activities.

A proxy server can be used with any program that makes use of an internet connection, and it can be used with a conventional web browser to visit web sites bypassing a proxy server.

If you want to connect your internet browser with a proxy server, then follow one of these instructions, depending on your browser software.

Google Chrome - to configure Google Chrome browser for using a proxy server.

Mozila Firefox - to configure Firefox browser for using a proxy server.

Opera - to configure Opera browser for using a proxy server.

Safari - to configure Safari browser for using a proxy server.

Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer) - to configure Microsoft Edge browser for using a proxy server.

If you want to connect any other program with a proxy server, follow the instructions below.


What is possible?

Almost everything. By using a proxy server you may anonymize the activities of your Internet Browser, Voice over IP application, Messenger, File Sharing client, Email client, Streaming player and much more.

This could be anything: Skype, Jabber, WhatsApp, uTorrent, Internet Download Manager (IDM), jDownloader, VLC Media Player, TeamViewer.



For the beginning we need a valid proxy server list, which may be found here:

We need a program that will catch all requests and route them through the proxy server.

We have four programs to choose from:


ProxyCap (Free)

ProxyCap is very old but is still working with the latest Windows versions such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

This can be done with a program named ProxyCap, which may be downloaded here:


WideCap (Free)

Which is a fork of ProxyCap with some improvements. WideCap is recommended for inexperienced users, since it makes a few steps automatically and thereby reduces the confusion for the less experienced users.



Proxifier (Paid)

Proxifier works with Microsoft's Windows as well as with Apple's Mac OS X.

Proxifier is a paid program, but is more frequently updated and improved, than the free software solutions.

This software is also very easy to set up and configure than the free of charge programs.



ProxyCap (Paid)

ProxyCap also as the ProxyCap works with Microsoft's Windows, with Apple's Mac OS X and with Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system for smartphones and mobile devices.



Start using proxy server

Usually, any modern Intenret applications includes a proxy support, so that there is no need to use a third party software to reroute all requests through a proxy server.

This guide will show you how to redirect all of your Internet connections, regardless of the software configuration.

Let's begins with the ProxyCap doanload and install ProxyCap on your Computer. Start ProxyCap. A window will appear where you need to put the IP addreseses from your proxy server list. ProxyCap