How to use a proxy server with Firefox

Step-by-step instruction to set up Mozilla Firefox proxy settings.


1) Press the label "Tools" in the navigation bar above. Or press the orange "Firefox" button and choose "Options".



2) Choose the card "Network". To the right of the label "Connection", press the button "Settings".



3) Now choose the radio button "Manual proxy configuration" and check the box "Use this proxy server for all protocols".



4) An empty form will appear. This is the form where you need to put the IP address of the proxy server.



5) Give a proxy server IP address in the form named "HTTP Proxy" and the port number in the form named "Port". Of course, you can also put a SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy IP into the fields below, but for a simple web surfing only HTTP protocol is enough.



6) Now test your actual IP number.