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What is

Anonymous Proxy (dot) eu is a free and easy solution to unblock restricted websites and surf the web anonymously. This service requires no software, no configuration, no payments. It comes completely free of hassle. To start using this service you just need to put your URL into the URL form above and hit the "start" button. It works with any browser available these days. You can use this proxy for Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop on any OS such as Windows, Android, Linux, iOS. This free proxifier can handle websites with JavaScripts and Flash elements trouble-free. This means you can load flash videos and flash games with a proxy. This high speed anonymizer can be used for downloading larger files since there are no limits or restrictions enabled for any user. This internet anonymizer makes use of a 1 Gigabit dedicated connection which can be limitlessly used by the users of this service.





What are the reasons to use Anonymous Proxy (dot) eu for surfing the web?

There are many countries in the world where citizens can not access many popular websites such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter through normal internet access. These countries are so-called "Internet dictatorship" countries. To access the websites that were restricted by government censorship, the people need to fetch the websites via proxy servers. At this stage, so-called online anonymizer come to help these people. Through such an anonymous server the people are able to fetch any website of their choice and deliver its contents to the web browser. So that the people have the illusion that the website isn't blocked and they can navigate a blocked website freely without any restrictions.


Why surf the web anonymously?

Here are some common reasons why people won't be identified on the internet:


1) The shame.

Some people visit awkward, embarrassing websites to learn about shameful things that concern them. These people would die of shame when someone of their friends, parents, relatives, etc. will discover their browser history. Visiting the websites via will make the browser history look decent because after using this proxifying service no particularly visited websites will be reflected in the browser history. All links are encrypted with a unique usable key. After finding the links inside the browser history, nobody can re-visit these websites again because after closing the browser these links will become invalid.

2) Internet privacy.

Some people are worried about the gathering of their personal information on the internet. In the times when a simple Facebook Like Button can save your ip address and trace which websites do you visit. It is dead easy to create a surfing behaviour profile of any internet user in this world. Out of diverse reasons many people are worried about their personal information that can be gathered and transmitted upon request of NSA or any another institution.

3) Fear of being traced.

Another reason for Anonymization on the internet is the lack of freedom of speech. In many countries people that say "wrong" things on the internet will be traced and punished in real life for saying their opinion on the internet. In these countries the people get visited by local authorities at home because of writing bad stuff on their blog. For such people a service that will hide their true identity and the actual location is more important than ever. Covering the actual IP address of their Computer will give these people more comfort of the using the World Wide Web.


Is my data saved on this proxy server?

No. None of your surfing session data will be saved on the server of Anonymous Proxy (dot) eu. The files will be completely forwarded to your browser. Nothing left on this server. No information or content requested through this online proxy will be saved, monitored or controlled.

Which of my files will be saved on server?

No files will be saved on this server.

Which data does gather?

Like any other website, this anonymous internet proxy website gather simple visitor statistics, such as Browser model, Country, City, Screen Resolution. This information is gathered to improve the user experience and make this service more responsible for user needs. No personally identifiable information will be collected or saved. The visitor statistics are collected on start page only. No information will be exposed from the proxied pages. does not insert any tracking graphics or ads into the requested page. Third party scripts used on this website treat the collected user statistics in their own way. To understand how they process their user statistics, please read the privacy policy of the each website.

For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Can someone see what websites I visit via

No. This is technically possible, but we don't do it. Features like this were removed from the back-end of to save the server resources and give the user more peace of mind. We gather only non-personally-identifying visitor information on the start page.

Who operates this proxy service, and why?

We are a group of volunteers who frequently travel to developing countries. One day we noticed that it is sometimes difficult to access many of our favorite websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, without using a proxy server. This is why we have decided to set-up this free proxy service that will help us to defeat Internet filters across the Globe.