This free online anonymizer supports YouTube videos, Facebook profiles and Twitter micro posting.

Anonymous servers, as this access websites not available in your area. Changing the IP-address to unlock features on websites, usually available for visitors from Europe. Anonymous Proxy EU will help you keep your identity private when using the Internet. This anonymous proxy requests the content from the Internet for you very quickly and without restrictions, no Advertisement or pop-up does appear when using this Service. The server is based within European union (Belgium's Domain on Dutch web-proxy). While proxy anonymizer is requesting websites through European proxy, it looks like your geographical position is European Union, wherever you are surfing from. You can use the effect to change (logically) your Geo-position and obfuscate real IP address as well as your actual residence, where you surf the Internet. Visitors using Anonymizing services like this, are hard to trace because the only one evidence to prove your online activities in almost countries is your Internet Protocol, usually as a number sequence with four blocks, this number is unique and cannot exist two times at same time on the Internet. If you Hide IP number using Internet Anonymizer, you become invisible online and can browsing the internet without leaving a Trace. However, don't try to cheat mechanisms engaged by authorities for example to protect someone's privacy or intellectual property not published for publicity. Please respect the online privacy of another user and do not try to gain access to contents created for private purposes only.

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